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Some New Policies for this LJ

This is a public post. I'm leaving comments on, but all comments will be screened.

By the way, I will reply to your comments if you make them. I want to be clear: This is not aimed at a specific individual. My LJ policy change is the result of several fairly overwhelming weeks on the personal front. While there are some LJ issues mixed up in this, they're not the driving force.

As most of you know, this is a very public LJ. Prior to this point, 99% of my posts have been public. Some events over the past six weeks have been pushing me in the direction of changing that.

This LJ is still a public LJ and it will remain a public LJ for all intents and purposes. People really aren't going to notice too many changes, unless you count going from 99% of my posts being public to 90% of my posts being public as an actual change.

However, I'm going to start being more aggressive about FLocking down any information on my personal life. I know I mention almost nothing about my personal life as it is, but what little there is now goes under lock.

Also, I can no longer guarantee automatic re-friending when someone friends me. This is for several reasons:

  • I'm fairly close to my friending limit
  • Reading my Friends' List has become a hit-and-miss proposition
  • I've been slammed by friending requests recently
  • I have no idea who some of you are or why you're reading

If I haven't gotten around to friending you back, please don't take it personally. It could be that I wasn't aware that you friended me (I've just set up the notification system for friending) since I'm actually very bad about checking that kind of thing. It could also be that I hadn't had a chance to lurk around your LJ to get to know you.

Also, if you look at my Profile Page, please don't trust who it lists as someone I've friended. For some bizarre reason, even some of my oldest mutual friends are listed as "Also a friend of." Yet, they're on my Friends Page and I'm listed as mutually friended. I'm completely stymied as to what's going on.

I'll be doing some administrative things behind the scenes as well, such as FList trimming (I'll be targeting mostly LJs that haven't posted anything in almost a year or have no entries, nothing big). I'll also be adjusting my privacy filters for different levels. Right now, all I've got the basic Public-Friends-Private. A little refining might be in order.

I apologize if this comes across as somewhat abrupt or somewhat high school.

When I set up this LJ, by design I set it up as a fairly public space that I just happened to "own and pay for." Philosophically speaking, I believe that large social networks like LiveJournal have a lot to offer in terms of connections that can bridge all kinds of physical, emotional, ideological, and mental divides. Reaching out publicly through common interests — whether it's fandom or a shared love of music — is part of that engine. Hiding all the time behind a privacy locks seems (to me) to defeat the purpose.

I understand why people choose to treat their LJ like a private diary (although, nothing on the Internet is truly private), but I just prefer to operate in a community as opposed to hiding behind a brick wall all the time. That means I sometimes compromise about that kind of things I post here with respect to my private life. Sometimes I don't post something, sometimes I post it behind a lock where only I can see the post, sometimes I write it up and end up deleting it.

However, I understand that compromise and I have no problems with it. Despite the occasional hesitation to talk about something, I pretty much do what I want with this LJ. There are days I'm a geeky girl fan of genre stuff. There are days I talk about writing. Sometimes I do music reviews. Sometimes I create geeky soundtrack and music mixes. Somtimes it's politics. Sometimes it's sharing interesting links. And sometimes it's indulging in my favorite hobby, posting fanfiction. All of these items are going to remain public, by the way.

Everyone is free to come and go as they like. Or as I jokingly say to people who friend me: Visit for the day, stay because you like the MP3 downloads.

Sometimes I slip and something private gets by me or I kind of forget that I'm not always talking to myself in here. People tend to forget if you spend enough time on electronic social networks like LJ and I'm no different.

The change in my friending and filtering policy isn't meant to be vindictive or mean. All I'm doing is just adjusting things so they're at a more comfortable level for me.

Thank you for your understanding.

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