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Noodle around in the LJs of some new friends *waves to new friends* and gakked this amazing Website with the unlikely title of biking through Chernobyl from new friend ffutures who gakked it from original_aj.

Despite the humorous name, this is as some very serious stuff.

Elena, who lives in Kiev, is a motorcycle enthusiast whose father works in the Chernobyl region. This is a picture/word diary of her trip through the Deadzone on her bike. Absolutely stunning. A case where the pictures hit you on a very visceral level. I'm at once in awe and heartbroken.

I'm old enough to remember Chernobyl when it happened. At the time, I was attending a Polish Catholic School and there was--and I'm being very diplomatic here--a definite lack of sympathy among the school administration and many of the students. To be fair, there were a few that had escaped the then-communist regime in Poland and Soviet-hate ranked really high among some of my classmates. Some of them still had relatives back in the homeland and some of them had parents who spoke only Polish. Hell, some of my classmates barely spoke English.

It's not something I honestly have ever thought about, beyond the fact that the Cold War years seemed a hella lot Colder when you went to school with people whose main goal in life was to get their American citizenship papers along with their parents.

But these pictures...maybe I should've questioned the attitude a little bit more than complaining to my mother at the time about the vaguely smug atmosphere at school.

Is the fact I was only 16 or 17 at the time excuse enough, you think?

No. I don't think so either...

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