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R.I.P. Slayer Fanfic Archive?

It appears the Slayer Fanfic Archive is no more.

Anyway, it appears the stories are still accessible via a directory. If you've posted there, you can find your pen name in either the "Old Archive" or "Stories" folder.

What's nice is that the stories are still HTML-coded.

Might be helpful if you put stories there and want to rescue them by transfering them to another eFiction-powered site.

So: Does anyone out there know what happened to the SFA?

ETA: Cross-posted to whedonverse_nb

FYI for people who've posted on The Slayer Fanfiction Archive:

It appears that the site is down and what's there is now a root directory of the site's contents.

Although I can't say that the site is down for good, given the recent deletion of BAPS and the speed at which it happened, until we hear what happened over at SFA and whether it'll be back up, I thought I'd post the news here and point to how people can recover their content.

It appears that the root directory does contain all the stories that were stored on the SFA site, complete with HTML coding. The stories are split into two different folders:

Old Archive
There appears to be 5 .CSS style sheets and 15 folders corresponding to either a letter of the alphabet or a single one labeled "MISC"

All of the folders contain folders that have been assigned an author's name.

In most cases you'll find the location of the author based on the first letter of their first name. For example, if you write under two names (i.e., Lizbeth Marcs), your "author folder" will be under the first letter of your first name (i.e., "L" for "Lizbeth").

The MISC folder contains author names of 8 authors as well as 2 folders corresponding to the letters G or W. Obviously, follow the steps above to determine if you and your stories are located in this folder.

Each author folder contains stories writen by that author. However, the name of the story is not the story filename, so all you'll see as a name is a series of numbers followed by the .TXT extention.

If you click on the file, you should see your story. The format is text and the stories are already HTML-coded. This will make it easy to save the file to your hard drive for later transfer to an automated archive like eFiction.

If you have submitted stories to the site, but don't find your name in the "Old Archive" or if there are stories missing under your name, you might want to go to the "Stories" folder in the Parent Directory.

There appears to be a very large list of folders all of which correspond to an author name.

Like the "Old Archive" folder, author names are organized by the first letter of their first name. If your name begins with a dash or a number, you should be listed near the top.

Follow the instructions under "Old Archive" for saving your stories from the site.

Please Note:
I am not associated with SFA nor do I know what happened to the site. I don't know if it's going down for good, or if it's down for maintenance and will be back up later. The site collapsing down to its present state appears to be a rather recent thing (people visiting the site as little as a week ago said the SFA was up).

However, I figure better safe than sorry. Until we know more, people who've posted to the SFA might want to consider rescuing their stories from what's left of the site and finding them new homes.

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