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Three Questions...

This first one goes out to people on my FList who are fanfic vets:

I'm in the Faithficathon and I'll be done by the end of the week on it. My question is: How do I let cookie_dough101 know when it's done? Do I send her a link? Do I post it here and send her a link? Plus, the story is long and will probably be posted in two or parts (minimum) to this LJ, so do I send a link to parts one and two? Help!

This second one goes out to FList people who post to Silverlake:

Are works in progress acceptable to posting on that list? Whenever I've posted, it's always been short-ish one shots. I haven't posted there awhile, but when I posted Contrite Spirits there today I noticed that a WiP was being posted there. I've been looking for alternative sites to send Living History to and I've always thought it would be a good fit with Silverlake, but I thought it was too long to post there. So, what's the sitch?

Finally, to all my geek friends:

I'd like a little portable something to take with me that'll allow me to write outside (I don't want to be chained to a dasktop all summer). I'm not thinking of buying right away, but I was wondering:

1) Laptop

2) Palm PC with portable keyboard

The problem with a laptop is this: it's got waaaaay more bells and whistles than I want. All I want is word processing. That's it. I've looked at used and reconditioned laptops, but I suspect I wouldn't be happy with them because the technology stats don't strike me as a terribly good deal for the money, especially when you can buy a new low-end Dell for around $600. However, looking at the "new" laptops that come in around $600, once you throw in the warranty and extra memory, you still end up spending about $1,000 to $1,100.

The problem with a Palm is this: I've heard Palm's version of Word is a nightmare and that loading another word processor program (about $50 added on) might be a better idea. Limited memory. Not tremendously reliable. Still has bugs that need to be worked out. However, even if you add bells and whistles, keyboard, extra memory chip and so on, you're coming in around $500 to $600 for top-of-the line all the way, which is a big pull.

Like I said, not planning to buy right this second. But, a laptop proposition means waiting a good year while I save up nickles and pennies for it. A Palm option could mean six months instead of a year.

Opinions? Recommendations?

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