liz_marcs (liz_marcs) wrote,

Hmmmmm...New HP is a go...

People on my FList might be interested to know:

The Harry Potter and the Gobblet of Fire movie is now a go.

New director: Mike Newell, who gave us both Four Weddings and a Funeral and Donnie Darko.

Given that I'm wondering how in hell they're going to adopt Book 4? I'm now wondering even more.

There's some courting to get Ralph Fiennes to play Voledmont, but there's some hesitation on Fiennes's part because he's not sure he wants to commit to the whole series.

Other new faces:

Brendan Gleeson for Mad-Eye Moody
Robert Pattinson for Cedric Diggory
Stanislav Ianevski for Viktor Crumb
Clemence Poesy for Fleur Delacour
Katie Leung for Cho Chang
Francese De La Tour for Madame Maxime

There are no changes in the existing cast.

Looks like they're not going to split Book 4 into two movies. *scratches head* They're going to have to drop quite a lot from the book to make this movie work. Hermione's campaign to free the house elves is probably for the chop, as well as the World Quiddich Tournament at the beginning of the book.

Hmmmm....still interesting news...

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