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*insert evil laugh here* Three Queens *insert evil laugh here*

It's now official. whiskyinmind has invited me on board to be one of the mods for I Need a Parrot, the XanderZone for the BtVS Writers' Guild.

I'll be joining othercat in wielding dictatorial god-like mod power to approve or reject stories for inclusion in the archive.

Of course our standards aren't, like, a mile high. It's more like, "Does it at least try to adhere to English standards? Does it even look the littlest bit like Xander? Is there a blessed lack of character-bashing? COOOL! Come on down!"

All genres and pairings and even stories that totally lack pairings are welcome. (Imagine that! An archive site that actually has a separate category for gen! YAYE!)

Actually, in looking at the numbers, I'm chargrined that there aren't more people uploading stories to the archive.

Yes, I am guilty of this. To rectify it, I've started uploading my shorter stories there (for now) and I'm in the middle of fixing the formatting mess that is Whisper. I'll be working to get more of my stuff over there in the next few months.

In truth, the new version of eFiction is actually a lot easier to use than the older version, so uploading stories through the interface is nowhere near the pain it used to be. And now that there are mods in charge *cracks knuckles* the issue of hackers breaking into the site and uploading malevolent software should be a thing of the past.

So, for all the peopple who've written Xander out there or have a few Xander stories they want to throw on an archive site for easy searching, don't forget to keep I Need a Parrot on your list.

If you just want to keep up with the latest stories to be posted to the site (the traffic is not terrifically this rate it's maybe a couple of stories a day), you can sign up for the site's syndicated feed here on LJ at ineedaparrot.

ETA: Note that the ineedaparrot syndicated feed picks up new stories that have been uploaded to the I Need a Parrot story archive and provides a link to those stories.

It does not capture anything that's been posted to the LJ community i_need_a_parrot, which is also a Xander-centric fanfiction group, but is strictly an LJ thing.

The two are related in that they're both owned by whiskyinmind, and they're both focused on Xander as a character. However, they both serve very different functions. What appears on one is not going to appear on the other.

I hope that makes things more clear.
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