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Hey, iyalode, The Amazing Race went to Mauritius.

If you click on the link, I'm pretty sure they'll have videos and coverage of the race through the island within a day or two.


Holy moly! That's a fiiiiiine piece of real estate.

Dave and Mary are beginning to annoy the shit out of me. I like them (most of the time), but they are the very definition of bullshit luck and the fact that they're smart enough to ride on the backs of the Chos.

And I mean...what the hell? A second non-elimination round? Within three rounds? Is CBS pulling strings to keep these two in it? I mean, WtF?

On the one hand, I want to keep them in the race because you can see some of the other racers just stiffen into boards every time they open their mouths. On the other...not good racers.

Now, to be fair, they have a lot of handicaps against them. And they are in the race not because of the Chos' hand-up to the fastforward last fact, if the Chos went for the fastforward and left Mary and Dave to fend for themselves, chances are very good they'd still be in it.

That said...

Fuck me. The bullshit luck just keeeeeels me ded. Seriously.

I still love the Chos, but I honestly am having a hard time buying their nice-guy personnas. It sure looks like they're trying to carry the weaker teams to the final three to me.

And while I hate to side with the Beauty Queens on the Bama Girls, one of them is truly an obnoxious individual.

'Course, the Beauty Queens aren't without their share of obnoxious, either.

I'd be equally thrilled if one or both teams got tossed over the side at this point. They're both that unlikeable.

I hope they team up with each other at this "intersection thing-ie" the race is trying next week. The wacky hijinks should be hi-larious. [/sarcasm]

It looks like killer fatigue is taking its toll out on Rob & Kim (this race's "Team Who?"). That was a very impressive hour-long squabble they had going there.

The "models," aka the former drug addicts, are okay. But they still lose at Maps 101. Thank god Mauritius is so small, hunh? Otherwise they'd end up driving to China. I think their habit of getting lost will bite them eventually, but I suspect they'll be around longer than Mary and Dave.

The Chos seriously need to shed the "back pack." I think they'd do very well if they weren't waiting constantly for their alliance friends.

All racers, a little hint: Whenever you've got a detour and one of the options is digging haystacks to look for a needle, choose the other one. Just sayin'.
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