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Holy crap! Possible Record-breaking Voter Turn Out in MA...

...and we're not even a "battleground state" for Congress.

Experts are saying that Nov. 7, 2006, could even break voter turnout records.

I suspect the Patrick-Healey gubernatorial race may have quite a lot to do with the insanely high turnout. (Go Deval!)

If it isn't the governors' race driving the turnout, it's probably Question 1. If approved, it would allow beer and wine to be sold in grocery stories. (Grocery stores have self check-out watched over by bored high schoolers. Massachusetts has a very high per capita population of college students. I think I can safely say, "A world of NO.")

Although there was one moment of ballot hilarity. The presence of Questions 4 and 5, which were the first time I'd seen either question (and they're not on the state Website either). Okay, they were totally nonbinding questions, but still. Anyone else from the People's Republic of Massachusetts surprised to see them?

One question was a nonbinding resolution to allow medical marijuana. (Where's the option that says, "Legalize everything. Tax the shit out of all of it so we can plump up the nation's treasury. End Prohibition the War on Drugs because it's a waste of my tax dollars and gives the feds waaaaay too much power over my personal life. Plus, it's hypocritical. Cigarettes are the real gateway drug. If you're serious about decreasing drug use, make tobacco illegal, too. Kthnxbi.")

The other question was a nonbinding resolution to urge our State Legislature and Congresscritters to vote for withdrawing U.S. soldiers from Iraq. (Where's the option that says, "We had no business attacking Iraq to begin with, but if you were hellbent on building that American Empire of Oil, maybe you should've planned for the worst-case scenario instead of planning on flowers being thrown at our military's feet and sent in 1) the number of soldiers/troops the generals told you to send; 2) actually giving them enough equipment to do what you wanted them to do. You didn't. They're now stuck in the middle of a civil war. And, hey? Where's Bin Laden, again? And we're about to lose Afghanistan, too, you say? So, in short, FUCK YES! In fact, I'd like to go back in time and stop it before it starts. Do we have the technology for that yet?")

In either case, if they're expecting a record high turn-out in Massachusetts, I can't even begin to imagine what the other states are expecting.

It does seem, however, that there are already problems going down at the polls in certain states. All I got to say is, "Holy shit, Ohio!" The record of complaints from voters in that state alone make you look very third-world country-ish in terms of fair-and-honest elections.

If you see any problems or instances of fraud at the polls, illegal activities by either party, or run into static while voting, here's some numbers for you to call:

  • Call 1-866-OUR-VOTE
  • Common Cause Voter Hotline: 1-866-MYVOTE1
  • Velvet Revolution Voter Hotline: 1-888-VOTE-TIP
  • Voter Action Hotline: 1-888-SAV-VOTE
  • SEIU Voter Hotline: 1-877-SEIU-VOTE

Here's some Websites, too:

Remember, voting might not be enough. We need to keep elections free, open, and fair to all citizens who are qualified to vote. Vigilance might be required. (Tries not to look at Ohio, Virginia, and Florida.)
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