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History Porn....

Unh. Note to self. When trying out that shiny HBO show Rome from Netflix, please do not stay up until 3 a.m.

Yes, I saw Battlestar Galactica, but...Rome.

There was history porn, as well as actual porn (it's HBO). There was on option to watch the episode with factual explanations popping up on screen (like pop-up video but more klassy), which made it that much more must-see to me.

I watched the first two discs in one siting (5 eps), then re-watched 3 with the pop-up part.

I just know I'm going to watch all five again with the historian commentary. I'm a sick, sick girl.

Plus, it's basically well-researched fanfic. They took two guys mentioned in passing in Julius Caesar's account of the Gallic wars and put them front in center.


Yeah, I'm exhausted.

Thank God Season 2 hasn't even aired yet. I don't think my health can take it.
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