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Heee! Thank you for the virtual gift...

diachrony got me a gingerbread man with his head snapped off.

Yay! I can (virtually) eat his head without guilt, because everyone knows that broken cookies have no calories.

In other it sad that I was desperately trolling for Rome spoilers last night?

Although these publicity ads are making me deeply happy for the upcoming season. In order of favorites, of course.

Yeeeaaaaahhhh. I'm not at all in love with this show. And I won't at all be upset when S2 ends, since HBO isn't continuing it beyond S2 (too expensive to do it without RAI and BBC chipping in some cash, and the contracts for funding was for only two years).

Must go back to work now....
Tags: el jay: flist, el jay: gift, television: rome

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