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An interesting discussion on the definition of "slash" on JF

What's funny is I did get into a conversation about applying the term "slash" to a canonical male-male pairing that appeared on a mainstream, prime time television show a few weeks ago.

The key difference was that we were all polite to one another while mulling over the application of "slash" to an episode of Cold Case, unlike the situation that sparked this particular discussion over on JournalFen.

I tend to have issues with using "slash" and "femslash" in the mainstream arena for various reasons. The big one is that gay and lesbian relationships are just as "normal" as heterosexual relationships and I think that I prefer my language to reflect that truth.

That said, I can also completely understand why someone would use "slash" and "femslash" as shorthand to describe a same-sex relationships in mainstream television, books, and film, especially if they are talking in an arena where the argot of fandom is easily understood.

Anyway, check out the discussion here (I'm there under the scaryfairy name). There's a lot of good opinions both pro- and con- on the use of the word "slash" in the mainstream arena, as well as a debate on how it's used within fandom itself. Ignore the wank that sparked the discussion and check it out.

Personally, I think it's a worthy discussion to have, especially since gays and lesbians and their relationships are finally gaining an increased amount of acceptance (especially here in the northeast). They're no longer as invisible as they were when Kirk/Spock took its fanfic bow.

Seriously, though. If you have time, read the various opinions over. Many of them are well thought out on both sides of the debate.
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