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Remember when this LJ had fanfic?

Yeah, me neither.

Life got so hectic that I completely lost Eva's voice for Facing the Heart in Darkness a little bit. (I called it: "Eva's pouting in the corner because she got bumped by my need to pay bills and have a life.")

I tried picking at a few other things (like *cough*Water Hold Me Down*cough*), but really didn't get too far on any front.

I then attempted to barrel through my sorry-I-haven't-finished-your-birthday-present-yet story for nwhepcat/annual holiday tale/slayerversathon commitment story in an effort to write through it. (Got a lot of Behold, Little Padawan! done already, but have an ending that still needs to be capped on.)

Today, Eva started yammering again. Hooray! She wasn't helping me clean up the next part at all, but I at least got her talking about the ending. I'm hoping I'll have something to send up this Friday, but I make no promises.

I'll be over here. Feeling relieved.

I think it might have been the Jake 2.0 marathon on Sci-Fi that shook things loose.
Tags: fanfiction: admin, fanfiction: behold little padawan, fanfiction: facing the heart in darkness, fanfiction: fic-a-thon, television: jake 2.0

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