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Mea Culpa

I really, really, rally need to respond to all of you regarding Ishmael and the last part of Living History, but RL in dealing with now-separated pal and her suddenly clinging-to-moi daughter has been keeping me away and really limiting my time. I will try, try, try to get back to all of you in the next week or two and actually *gasp* be a little more responsive.

Also, need to flog some ficcs, but am at work dropping this note so I can't throw out my list. Since I'm being called to be support-o gal (again) for friend who's dealing well (and yet not at the same time) with life as single mom while separated hubby does what-the-hell ever in his nest located an hour away.

Apologies to all. *whimper*

Just a note a general "thank you" to the warm FB in my ficcing in the past week. I promise to try and get more personal than a general "thank you" to everyone at a later date.

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