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I Love the Straight Dope Message Boards

A discussion thread that asks: Where the F**** did "cum" come from?

I especially love finding out that the Wikkipedia entry on is not only not worksafe, it also has a video demonstrating the male ejaculation.

[I checked. The information is solid. Heee!]

No definitive answer yet about the source of "cum" in place of come as a sexual term, but so many play on words that I can't stop laughing.

Yes, I'm procrastinating. Why do you ask?

Edit: Somebody needs to (on purpose) write a hilariously bad PWP using "cum" for all "come"s.

Don't look at me to do it. I can barely write about kissing. Yes. I suck.
Tags: web: straight dope, web: weird

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