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President Bush is Insane

I have finally read the transcript of His Lordship's Speech to the Nation. I know I should've watched it, but I was busy being amused by a discussion about dirty words.

I definitely got the better end of the deal, from all accounts.

I also read the fact sheet on the 'new way forward' in Iraq (If I had a vote, I'd vote, "Go back in time and not invade Iraq in the first place.") as well as the PDF of the Iraq Strategy Review PowerPoint for Dummies (Again, I vote: "Not go in the first place, nitwit.").

In reading over the speech, I started wondering if he had just declared war on Iran and Syria. Now, to be fair, news organizations on both the left and right picked up on this before I settled down to read it for myself this ayem, but I thought they were overstating the case. Even in reading the speech, I still wasn't entirely sure if it was pure rhetoric from His Lordship or if the commentators were right on the money.

Then I turned to the foreign news (because it's the only way I can get any idea of what's going on in my own damn country) and find this. I know the U.S. doesn't exactly recognize the Kurdistan Workers' Party as a "legitimate government" (and wouldn't that open a whole new can of worms if we did), but the Iranian consulate in Irbil was there with permission.

Ahhhh, yeah. The timing of the storming of the Iranian consulate in Irbil makes me think that His Lordship wants to broaden the scope of the war. I can't see how it can possibly be done with our military falling apart the way it is. The only way they can do it is if there's a draft — and you can bet His Lordship's children and the children of His Lordship's class will be exempt

Besides, I'm very sure storming another country's consulate can arguably be considered an act of war. Lord knows we thought so in 1998.

In any case, it's enough to make you want to grab His Lordship by the lapels and say, "Newsflash Sport: You may be the decider, but declaring war is Congress's job."

After six years of:
  • Lies
  • Changing rationalizations for marching into Iraq
  • Fear-mongering, waving the bloody 9/11 flag, and calling those of us who thought this was a bad idea "terrorist sympathizers" and standing by while your government and its media proxies subjected us to eliminationist rhetoric
  • Cronyism, incompetence, open corruption, and wasting American blood and treasure
  • Destruction of an entire country with roughly 655,000 dead (that's dead, not wounded) [Ed. note: </a></b></a>smhwpf reminded me of the updated estimated numbers of  Iraqi dead that was released over the summer. Thanx, dude.]
  • Turning the U.S. in the international bad guys of choice
  • And your clear inability to listen to anything that doesn't agree with your oversimplistic world view

I don't think Congress is about to give you a blank check to do whatever you want with the U.S. military.

Hallelujah. At least the Democrats in the House remember why the hell we elected them. Let's see if the Senate will go along with this plan to remind His Lordship that he is not the king and it's high time he stopped acting like one.

Even so, none of this negates my reaction when read the text of the speech.

My first thought: "This guy is gonna flame out and he's trying to take us all with him."

My second thought: "We're all gonna die."

The longer this goes on, the more this reminds me of the episode 'Meltdown' in Red Dwarf. It's like the American public (Lister) is having this very conversation with His Lordship (Rimmer):

Lister: What about Arnie's army?

Cat: Yeah, how many of them made it back?

Rimmer: There are always casualties in war, gentlemen. Otherwise it wouldn't be war, just be a rather nasty argument with a lot of pushing and shoving.

Lister: So how many survived?

Rimmer: Well we haven't had time to make a full official estimate, but at a rough guess, and obviously this is subject to alteration pending information updates, roundabout none of them.

Lister: So you wiped out the entire population of this planet.

Rimmer: You make it sound so negative, Lister. Don't you see, the deranged menace that once threatened this world is vanquished!

Lister: No it isn't, pal. You're still here.

Rimmer: I brought about peace. Peace, freedom and democracy.

Lister: Yeah, Rimmer. Right. Absolutely. Now all the corpses that litter that battlefield can just lie there safe under the knowledge that they snuffed it under a flag of peace and can now happily decompose in a land of freedom. Ya smeg head.

Rimmer: There really is no pleasing some people, is there?

Ironically enough, this episode was filmed to be the opening episode of Red Dwarf's fourth series, however it was delayed because it would've aired in the midst of the first Gulf War. It's obvious anti-war message was just a little bit too obvious for the times.

How scary is it that the 8-plus minute snippet from YouTube is as relevant today as it was back in 1991?

Update: It appears that the Senate may also be gearing up for a Constitutional Crisis as Sen. Joe Biden (D-Del.), chair of the Foreign Relations Committee threatened a Constitutional confrontation between Congress and the White House if Bush attempts to push a war on Iran without the consent of the legislative branch. (via No Quarter, as this was just aired on CSPAN-3 and a transcript isn't available yet nor has the comment hit the wires.)
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