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Hates on iTunes...

Say it with me, people: "Liz is an idiot."

Liz is an idiot because she staring at a 67-track themed mix at 2 a.m., ensuring cover art is matched to the right individual tracks, and tagging the lot so the information I provide will show up on MP3 players, as opposed to whatever tags iTunes uses.

Did you know that if you indicate the tracks are linked together by checking the ticky-box in iTunes, it wipes out the art associated with a track? I did not know this. I know it now, but I didn't know it when all my associated art mysteriously disappeared.

I also never cease to be amazed at how easily iTunes "loses" MP3 files. Jesus, Apple. If Windows MediaPlayer can do an automatic scan of my music folders without me constantly reloading files, iTunes should be able to do the same thing.


Let's not get into compiling the track listing with massive amounts of links. Because, oh no, I can't just throw a bunch of tracks together. I can't go half-way on anything. No, I have to have fun with it. I have to provide educational links because there are some artists in the mix where someone is gonna say, "I beg to differ."

Yes. I. Am. Having. Fun. Yes. I. Always. Grind. My. Teeth. Like. This. When. I. Am. Having. Fun.

All I can say is, 67 tracks? I'm bundling those puppies into groups of ten and zipping them together for download. I am not loading 67 individual tracks up to SaveFile. I'll be here for years if I do that.

Honestly, I was so involved with what I was doing that I only just looked up at the clock and saw the time.

I have to crawl into bed now.
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