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My hed iz pastd on YAY!

This head on top of my neck?

Not my head.

My real head is at home. In bed. Sleeping like all intelligent exhausted heads should be when they're tired.

Good thing I have a fake head to paste on my body, right?


"Oh? Hello? No. No. It's okay."

insert sound of tapping fingers on keyboard

"Tough time for you. I unnerstand Yeah. Yeah."

insert sound of tapping fingers on keyboard

"What kind of bombshell? Wants to take the kid for the night."

insert sound of headdesk

"Unh, yeah. Sure. We'll hang tonight, no...don't apologize. Don't want to be alone and all that."

insert sound of head beating on desk

"I got deadline, though. Might be a little late. Right. Kay. Call you at 5...."

Okay. Maybe fake head isn't working properly. Maybe I need to buy a better fake head.

*looks around*


At this rate I'm not getting any time to myself until the middle of next week.


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