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Drive-by posting: Whither Yahoo Groups?

People looking for Part 4/14 of Behold, Little Padawan! posted last night, please go here.

People who want to get their paws on Arlo Guthrie's Alice's Restaurant, the 1997 Live Recording with the Nixon story, please go here.

In other news, bastardsnow has an interesting questions about the decline and fall of Yahoo Newsgroups as a communication medium for fandom. Drop by and give him an answer. I think it's an interesting discussion, to be honest.

ETA: The spammers appear to have found my journal. In the past 48 hours I have had anonymous comments selling cars, "love enhancement drugs," and even one person offering to help me get rich! Unh, the hell?

It appears to be showing up in my Music from the Cube posts, but a couple have shown up in Cuckoo in the Nest.

I can see the Music from the Cube posts, but Cuckoo? There must be a keyword in there somewhere that has made it a target.

Now I'm really happy I screen anonymice. Sometimes I miss an anonymice post and it never gets approved, but right now it's my only defense against spam-bots.
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