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Sick blogging...or what I learned from teevee while having chills

Feel. Like. Crap.

Which means I've been laying like a blob on the couch after I get home from work and unable to move.

Know what sucks about being sick and single? Still have chores to do and no energy to do them. Bleh.

I think I've watched more teevee in the past three days than I have in the past two weeks.

Arrested Development
I've been watching my Arrested Development DVDs (S1 and S2) straight through. I think I discovered a fresh kernel of a joke running through the whole thing, and it's one that actually adds a layer of deliciousness to the whole show.

Michael Bluth is not a nice guy.

It isn't that Michael is a bad guy. He's an average guy that tends to fall on the passive-aggressive-judgmental side of the Venn diagram (with a dash of drama queen). What saves Michael from himself (more often than not) is that he's a contrarian at heart. If he was in a family of saints, he'd make GOB look like a reasonable human being. However, he's in a family that's kind of evil...and not good evil, but useless evil. Ergo, Michael tries to be decent.

I can't believe I missed that. Or, maybe it's the Tylenol making me see things. Either way...funny.

Star Trek: Voyager
You are all so very fired for failing to tell me that SpikeTV is re-running this series weekdays at 6 p.m. (Not that I'd really get to see it that much anyway.) It isn't that I loved it or anything, but...well it's been years since I've seen any episodes.

Last night was something from S2 or S3...where Kes gets unstuck in time due to some kind of a particle of the week. From a warhead. I think. And...bleh. Way to be reminded of why I disliked Kes, although I think it's because Jennifer Lein sucks in the role (I've not seen her in anything else, so maybe she's okay when not playing a Mary Sue wannabe). Good call dumping this character! Too bad she couldn't take Harry Kim (and awful, awful Garrett Wang) with her.

Here's the thing: Neelix was kind of a sucky character, who tipped over in my "like" category almost entirely on the strength of Ethan Phillips' acting. No matter how inconsistently Neelix was written, Phillips somehow managed to make the most OOC shit look in-character. Just for that alone, I put him as one of the better actors (next to Robert Picardo and the woefully under-estimated at the time Jeri Ryan) in the cast.

But, woah! Wait. Did Kes actually not know who B'Elanna was? The hell? I'm confused. She seemed to know who everyone else was. I think. But then again, Lein looks like she's not only sleepwalking through the role, but that she's frigging stoned on top of it. Gah! Down with Kes, now and forever!

Another thing that I was kind of reminded of in watching this episode: throughout the whole Paris-Torres arc they kept throwing out all signs that "this ship is doomed to end in tragedy" all the way up to the end. How many times did they play out the "Torres dies on Paris" plot line? I can think of four times at least. Yet, at the end of the series, I distinctly remember that of all the Voyager pairs Tom and B'Elanna were the only ones who were 1) both still alive; 2) happy; 3) still together; 4) not bitter against anyone; and 5) had jobs they loved. BWAH!

Voyager is bad. Very bad. But it's bad in a way that eating bon-bons are bad. There's enough good about it that you like it despite/because of the sheer cheese. Unlike, say Enterprise, which was just bad.

Speaking of Enterprise here it is on the SciFi channel. Gawd. What happened to Scott Bakula's acting ability? He was awesome on Quantum Leap and pulled off all kinds of crazy shit on that show. Although, to be fair, Bakula had zero ability to turn shit into gold even back them. The scripts had to be solid to begin with. Trust me, bad Quantum Leap is pretty bad, so it was a good thing that the scripts were good more often than not. But even bad Quantum Leap had Dean Stockwell to save it's sorry ass.

Epiphany time: Enterprise desperately needed a lot of Stockwell to save it (and possibly Bakula). I'm glad that BSG got him, though.

Side note: Am I the only one who loved the ending of Quantum Leap? I think I just might be. How shocked was I when I found out that liking the last episode in the series was an unpopular opinion.

Anyway. Enterprise. Bakula suxo0rs. Connor Trinneer (Trip), on the other hand, rocks rocks the house.

The acting was so painful, I couldn't watch more than 15 minutes. It was something about T'Pol introducing the unevolved apes of Starfleet to Risa. Sheesh. I think I can see quite clearly why former Trekkie 4-life Joleen Blalock (that would be the actress who played T'Pol) was sooooo fucking bitter against franchise by the end of Enterprise's run.

Things go boom. Me like, especially when I'm shivering under a blanket and feeling miserable. Heaven is a Mythbusters marathon.

Enjoyable, even if it beats you over the head with its point. But then again, I kind of like Mike Judge's body of work as a whole, so I tend to be forgiving. God knows it's better than most "message movies," or comedy movies for that matter.

I can kind of see why Fox didn't put any muscle behind the movie...mostly because Judge takes very specific aim at Fox (and FoxNews especially). Not to mention that everyone pretty much gets it in the neck. (Unh, Judge is a bit of a misanthrope, isn't he?)

I think if I was feeling better, I might've liked it more for the split-second visual gags in the background. Office Space benefited from its greater subtlety. Idiocracy needed a little bit of that subtle. There's still a comedy that can be made about a society where the one guy (or gal) with critical thinking skills rules over a population that has none. (It's a one-eyed man is king in the land of the blind thing.) This movie isn't it, though.

Inside the Actor's Studio
Flipped to this one off-and-on. It had Tom Hanks. Who...actually had good advice that wasn't just applicable to acting. He pointed out that whatever you do creatively, artifice just doesn't work. He's also admitted that there isn't a single thing he's ever done where there isn't some point where he has to get up and leave the room because he can see that what he's doing is so obvious (and obviously fake) that it makes him cringe. The trick, he said, is to make sure no one else notices. Awwwww. I think I love him for that.

Apollo 13
I know, I know. The movie's been boiled down to its catch lines so many times that it's almost a cliché of itself. You tend to forget that it's a good movie with a solid storyline and great acting that sucks you in despite yourself. It was nice to be reminded, even if I was seeing kind of blurry at the time. I didn't even flip during commercials while watching it.

I think I watched something like four episodes in two days. SpikeTV's moto: All CSI, All the Time. It's like USA's moto: All Law and Order, All the Time. And the History Channel's: All World War II, All the Time. I don't love the show, but when you're feeling miserable it's like eating chicken soup...with a TMI camera. What does it say about me that the TMI camera doesn't gross me out?

I am...attracted to this show. I must make an effort to find out when it actually airs on USA, because damn I did enjoy the marathon on SciFi. It has a ton of elements that I generally don't like in a show (it's gimmicky for one thing, a cocky lead for another, cops with sticks up their asses, and a sidekick who sometimes has a hard time keeping up), yet its so sparkly, buddy-cop, and light-hearted fun that I can't help myself.

Blurgh. I need to go lie down. My head feels too spinny and my eyes hurt..
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