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Play Me Backwards; Or, How I Got My Own Radio Station and the Latest in LastFM Upgrades

I've got maintenance checking out the apartment today in an effort to find the source of the soot, which means despite the fact that I feel like crap, I am at work with a screeching headache.

Better than being a lump on the couch for pretty much two days, followed by a day where I definitely over-exerted myself because I freaked out about the fine layer of greasy soot all over everything.

On the music front...

I Got My Own Last FM Radio Station
I've finally caved and paid for my LastFM account.

After scrobbing 9,493 tracks since August 2005, yes, I think I have enough variety to actually have a private radio station that includes every track I've scrobbed thus far (with more to come). (You do not need to be a member to listen to Liz Marcs's LastFM Radio Station, so feel free to click 'n listen.)

However, while I was ponying up money to get my own radio station (in essence) I decided to nose around and check out the massive February 2007 update:

LastFM Now Supporting Muscial Communities
LastFM appears to have jumped on the "community" concept. Essentially, a bunch of people can pool together in a community and create a "community" radio stream (I think this is available to both free and paid accounts).

lunatunes, the far less snobbish and a lot more fun version of audiography has created such a community here. (Here's the Lunatunes LastFM Radio Station, if you want to listen.)

LastFM Now Offering Free MP3 Downloads
I think you have to be a LastFM member for this (although you don't need to have a paid account to get the free downloads). From what I gather, every week LastFM changes the list, but you can now get Free MP3 Downloads. The files are perfectly safe, and they are not proprietary. If you're looking for a fantastic way to hear new music, this is simply outstanding.

LastFM Now Allows People to Create and Store Playlists
This feature needs a little bit more work, but it's a very good idea otherwise. You're somewhat limited in track choices if you want to have a playlist with full songs, but it's a very good start. I'll wait until I"m feeling better before I play with it.

If You're On LastFM
Feel free to friend me over there. If you're not a member, it is a free service. I've used LastFM for nearly two years without any incident whatsoever on both my work and my home computers. I only recently ponied up the money because I do use the site so heavily. (I basically pay LJ for the exact same reason...I use it so much that I might as well.) However, far as I can see, the free accounts are worth getting as well, if only because of the free downloads.

By the way, the background on the U.K.-based LastFM is fascinating read, so check it out.

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