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Enough angst! New Living History

Just blipping in for a well-needed angst break for a new, very short, Living History part.

After this, I will sit my fat ass on the couch, watch my tapped DS9 eps (*yum*), then I will check out the new episode for S8 Stargate. Tomorrow I have to get the apartment in shape for a visit by the parental units. (Yay!) then visit by the parental units on Sunday.

I refuse to rant about my friend's situation. I've decided to be cheerful today. Because I qualify for a threesome with VampXander and Dru. Shut up. Let a girl dream, right?

Oh, and you know the drill for previous parts:

Up to Part 56 can be found here

Continued fromhere



The mood on the battlefield had subtly shifted to a festive affair. Instead of a fight, they now had a Slayer rodeo.

Buffy zipped between the different groups as they drove the dirt creatures to areas that just happened to be near water spigots. Part of her mission was to check up on everyone; part of it was to warn the others not to give in to temptation and start letting the water flow. She wanted to take these guys by surprise and she didn’t want to chance that the Slayer squad’s sudden interest in running water would give away the plan.

As she trundled over to what she’d dubbed the Key Group because of its proximity to the crypt, Giles fell into step next to her. “I dare say, Buffy, luck does seem to be on your side.”

“Let’s not count our monsters before they melt,” Buffy said as she bounced over to the spigot. “All we know is they don’t like water. If it doesn’t work we might end up with killer mud pies.”

“This afternoon it was Astroturf, tonight it’s gooey goodness,” Andrea giggled. She stopped. “Ummm, not that I’m planning to actually eat killer mud pies.”

“Just keep them corralled,” Buffy said with a resigned air.

Giles chuckled as Andrea wandered off. “At long last, you get to experience my pain.”

Your pain?” Buffy asked with a raised eyebrow.

“Rambunctious youngsters with a penchant for mangled metaphors,” Giles clarified. “At least you didn’t say ‘count our hatched chickens before we break eggs to make an omelet.’”

“Oooooh, that’s a good one!” Buffy grinned. “I’m totally gonna use that in conversation really soon.”

“Hopeless,” Giles sighed as he hid his grin.

Buffy leaned over and conspiratorially added, “I even promise to give you full credit.”

“I do beg you not to bother.”

At that moment Buffy spotted Kennedy speeding across the lawn with coiled hose around her shoulder.

“Cavalry is here!” Kennedy announced as she dumped the hose at Buffy’s feet.

Giles immediately began hooking the hose up to the spigot.

“Are the others ready?” Buffy prompted.

“Which is why cavalry’s gotta run. More hoses and buckets to deliver,” Kennedy breathlessly explained. She tossed a half-wave, half-salute at Buffy and rendered a cheery, “See ya!” before taking off again.

“The woman does know how to make an entrance,” Giles said good-naturedly as he stood up. “Well, do the honors?”

“Love to,” Buffy said formally as she lifted the hose and took aim. She made sure to squeeze the rubber tight with one hand so the rushing water would be trapped until she was good and ready to let loose.

As Giles began turning on the spigot, Buffy called out, “Yoooo-hoooo! Dirt guys!”

This echoing call got the echoing response of female snickers. More than a few Slayers began grinning as they began driving the creatures closer to Buffy and her secret weapon.

When Buffy judged her adversaries were close enough, she let the trapped water loose with a shout of, “Surprise!”

Suffice to say there was a certain amount of crumbling in the opposing forces, coupled with scrambling panic, followed by the realization among the Slayers that they could now punch through their former tormenters.

To make a long story short, there was gleeful revenge to be had by all, up to and including the largest and most impressive mud fight in Cleveland’s troubled history.


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