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First you smile...then you get punched in the face...

Ahhhhhh! entrenous88 sent me a virtual Valentine's Day Card. Yay!

This is what I get for being sick. I haven't turned on the computer at home because I just collapse on the couch right after supper. (If you're waiting for the last four parts of Behold!, sorry about that, but I couldn't even look at a computer screen to get the formatting and editing done.)

I know this is horribly belated, but thank you, chica! ^_^

However, what life giveth, life can taketh away.

Someone has to work tomorrow.

It appears I was waaaaaaay sicker than I thought on Tuesday and Wednesday. I spent yesterday reading over everything I wrote and realized that it was all gibberish. As in Not English. Well, the words were English, but the actual sentence construction was not.

It looked like my keyboard threw up in Word.

So I spent the past two days fixing it. Now I have to punch out a minimum of 10 (yes 10) highly technical and heavily referenced pages tomorrow. Complete with glossary. And bibliography.

*weeps unashamedly*

There goes my weekend for getting my tax crap done.

Unfortunately, I have to do it, or I'll be working 12-hour days all next week.
Tags: real life: sick, work: frustration

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