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I am so amused...

The slashers have gotten their hands on John/John for the election.

Someone started johnxjohn as a part joke-part get out the vote thing for Kerry/Edwards. I found out about it from fandom_wank and couldn't resist clicking on the link to take a look.

After blinking at this LJ community for about 10 minutes, I started laughing hysterically. The OTP icons, the RPF snippets...too fucking funny for words. Any minute now, someone's breaking out the "Kerry/Edwards is love" rainbow banner, I just know it.

Oh, wait...too late:

Kerry/Edwards is love.

It's a little twisted, but there is some genuine information buried in all of this (links to wonkette for example, political cartoons, news stories, links to endorsements for Kerry/Edwards).

Personally, I'm not sure what to make of it. Squeeeing fangurls and fanboyz wringing all the slash they can out of the Kerry/Edwards campaign as a form of raising political consciousness strikes me as a very, very odd way to go about things.

Didn't stop me from friending the community, tho. I generally shy away from OTP-real person-type things (with one notable exception in annakovsky because I'm liking her odd Xander-Dom story, which is a mix of BtVS fanfic/RPF), but this johnxjohn community just strikes me as one of those things I couldn't make up if a I tried (and if I did, someone would accuse me of going overboard).

Truthfully, the person who started johnxjohn is more than a little shocked by how fast word of this community got out and the number of people now friending it. Read for yourself here

Honestly, you have to wonder how the Kerry/Edwards campaign would react if they knew about this. Hopefully they'd be as amused as I am.

I just finished unpacking all of my CDs as JesusMaryandJoseph I have a hella lot of them. Plus I think I might be schizophrenic. From Bach to Abba to the Ramones to They Might Be Giants to Goth collections to Rashid Taha to Deva Premal and everything in between.

I'm just a little frightened of myself.

Right...back to cleaning...

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