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And Battlestar Galactica fandom goes wild!

I don't write a lot about neoBSG here, but I'm hooked on the show for sure.

Jeezus. RDM can always make me weep like a baby. He plays my fiddle strings like no other television writer can.

Maelstrom? This episode right here? This is why neoBSG will go down as one of the best damn U.S. televised SciFi shows EVaR. Between the writing and that dream cast? Never again will you see something like this bless our screens when neoBSG passes from the airwaves.

Now the fact that I'm saying that about BSG in any form is enough to make me slap my head and call me an idiot.

And let me stress: much as I love the cheesy 70s version for its cheezy-ness, it was not art. It would never be confused with art. Original BSG and art were not even in the same galaxy, let alone the same room. And I wrote fanfic for the original series. No shit.

Maelstrom was was was transcendent.

RDM will fuck your shit up, yo! Having watched his career avidly over the years, I can pretty much categorically state that Kara is sooooooo not dead.

Total spec on my part.

Kara's either one or both things:

1) The "Eye of Jupiter" wasn't the signpost to earth. It was the cyclone storm that Kara got sucked into. She just stumbled her ass on the path to earth, but she had to be willing to face to death to cross the threshold to get onto that path via the cyclone storm.

2) Remember that ovary they stole from Kara? I say they cloned the bod and it's waiting in one of those resurrection baths of theirs. I say the Cylons snatched her or her soul mid-transit and transfered her consciousness to another bod. Kara's not one of the Final Five. She's a new kind of Cyclon. How Kara reacts to her "destiny" should be awesome to behold.

Also, from what I understand, RDM says in the podcast that the closing scene were EJO trashes the model ship was not in the script. He just did it because it felt right.

The model ship was worth a few thou.

That's right. EJO trashed a very valuable model ship that wasn't own by production, on camera, because of an acting choice.

Oh, EJO! Shine on you crazy diamond. Shine on.

Now, I won't be discussing spoilers here. Just will point you to the spoiler board where I read something very interesting about the final four episodes and state my immediate thought and reaction. That thought and reaction will be omigawdSPOILER!

You have been warned.

Begin Spoiler Reaction

Now, total spoilers over on the TwOP BSG Spoiler Thead

All I've got to say is: HOLY SHIT HOLY SHIT HOLY SHIT!

Four of the final five have been revealed. Suddenly the whole of it, all of the Cylons' schizophrenia about their plan, suddenly makes a whole lot of fucking sense.

The humans annihilation was a means to an end. And the fact that the Cyclons are holding back from completely crushing what's left and trying to beat the Fleet to earth.

Going by the four of the five, I think it's not about killing humans.

I think it's all about a fucking Cyclon civil war.


End Spoiler Reaction

I'll be over here shivering with anticipation. Eight months until the series picks up again? Eight months after the series finale?

My brain's gonna 'splode. That's all I'm saying.

As for, he really wants to be the anti-Trek doesn't he? Listening to his and Eick's commentaries on S1 neoBSG is incredibly enlightening about the process they go through in putting the show together.

The commentaries are also refreshingly honest.

The most interesting comments are actually about the stylized ways that SciFi series are usually shot for television, and, I think, the comments are dead on for the most part. I also like RDM getting into how some of the choices made for BSG were made specifically because he didn't want to get stuck writing technobabble for BSG, ever.

Really, if you own the S1 DVD sets, the commentaries are well-worth listening to.
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