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Reminder: Anon Comments Are Screened and IP Addresses Tracked on This LJ

People who are "Anonymous" (as in, they don't have LJs or are not commenting under their LJ names), just a small reminder:

  • All anonymous comments have to be approved by me before they appear. That means you're going to have to wait for your comment to appear, sometimes for hours and sometimes for days. Posting the same basic comment several times is not going to make it appear. I do this because I'm screening spam comments (which I get a few of) and because when I first started this journal I had a legitimate concern that a wanker or two was going to show and start causing me problems.

  • I also track all IP Addresses. Ergo, if the same IP address posts the same basic message several times, I will only approve one or two of those comments. The rest are staying screened or will get summarily deleted.

Sorry for the snippy tone of the post, but I've run into a spate of anon posters coming from a couple of different IP addresses doing this over the past week (not to mention the regular spam crap I've gotten from a few spiders). As a result, I've managed to "lose" several messages in my Inbox as a result.

So, please, if you aren't signed into LJ and are posting anonymously, please, please, please do me a favor and only post your comment once. I was supposed to be doing something else for lunch (waves at sunnyd_lite) and got sidetracked into cleaning up a mess in my inbox.

Thanks for your cooperation.
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