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Three cheers for whiskyinmind!

Laaaaaaadies and Gentlmen....

And all you Xander writers out there...

I Need A Parrot the Xander zone of the BtVS Writer's Guild has re-launched.

As you know, the site was originally run by Kaz back in the day, but there were some difficulties and Kaz let whiskyinmind take over. Three cheers for whiskyinmind everyone!

I did post some stories over on the old I Need A Parrot, but it was so difficult to use that I ended up abandoning it as an auto-archive. I found it to be an absolute pain.

The new site lets you directly upload stories, instead of simply cut and paste text, and is an absolute dream to update! Plus, it's much, much easier to add chapters. The functionality is really a breeze for Xander authors who are looking for one more archive for their work.

Best of all, the archive accepts all pairings and all ratings, so there isn't a limit like on FanFiction dot Net, nor do you have to be afraid of sanctions for infractions that make zero sense.

I've already uploaded Into the Desert, Two Words, Dismay, Mars Rising, Contrite Spirits, and Revelations. I've also uploaded the first chapters for Whisper and Living History. At some point, I'll be uploading the Where Fools Go stories.

So, applause for the lady of the hour, everyone!

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