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Dum tihngz i gotta du...

Random, drive-by gak:

From The Online Boston Globe

"Book discusses sex lives of lobsters."

Complete with picture.

It's Lob-stah Porn!


With a major national political convention blowing into town in less than two weeks, complete with media circus surrounding the Two Johns, a book about the sex lives of lob-stahs makes the front page of the Globe's online site.

Aaaaaaaalight-y then.

Sorry. It struck me as teh funneh...

Dumb things I gotta do this weekend:

1. Finish writing detailed FB for the Feed-back-a-thon

2. Finish writing the next part of Living History

3. Post three more parts of Living History and Whisper to mara_show's I Need A Parrot site over the next three days.

ETA: At least easy to do.

4. Don't forget to post the next three parts of Whisper to the XanderZone while I'm at it.

ETA: At least easy to do.

5. Give ludditerobot FB on the Tara/Xander story he's working on.

6. Attempt to catch up on nwhepcat's Lilac City

ETA: Edge of seat. Great read

7. Brave my email and actually *shudder* attempt to answer all the wonderful comments all of you have left in my LJ

8. Brave my other email and actually *shudder* attempt to answer all my personal email that's languished there.

9. Email ponders_life and offer to bribe her with latte goodness because I'm going to need to run away from my computer at some point this weekend.

ETA: It's always fun to meet LJ people in real life.

10. Seriously consider if I can fit a viewing of Control Room, the documentary about Al-Jezeera, into my weekend at some point.

11. Let's attempt to actually make our Weight Watcher's meeting, shall we? Instead of blowing it off like we have for the past six weeks because we're "too busy."

12. Get off my ass and spend at least 45 minutes in the gym on Saturday.

ETA: Yay! Did it!

13. Get off my ass and spend at least 45 minutes in the gym on Sunday.

ETA: Actually managed to throw in weights on top of the cardio. I rock!

14. Unpack at least one of the four boxes left over from my move. Killing one box off is not going to kill me.

15. Just swing through the apartment and do a quick dusting, hunh? It's in fairly good shape, so a little maintenance sweep ain't a bad thing.

16. Try desperately to ignore two separate Living History-related plot bunnies for two different stories.

17. Try desperately to ignore the two Psalm-inspired follow-ups to Contrite Spirits, especially that Homicide/BtVS cross.

18. Check and see if Contrite Spirits actually made the BFA.

ETA: Is now there and looks purty.

19. Catch up on a week's worth of Deep Space 9 episodes.

ETA: Saturday night blahs.

20. Check out Stargate: Atlantis.

ETA: More Saturday night blahs. Not sure how I feel about this series yet, but good enough to give it another shot

21. Watch Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid on the "On Demand" Budget Showcase for inspiration.

22. mebe i kin sneak in a homicide would inspire....stop it....

ETA: shaddup.

23. I feel a vaguely bitch-y rant about cross-overs coming on; decide whether I want to write it or not.

24. Play with pets, because George and Gracie need love, too.

ETA: They are too. fucking. cute. for. words. Friday and Saturday.

25. Go grocery shopping. Seriously.

ETA: Never, ever go food shopping right after going to the gym.

26. Return broken fan at Target and get a replacement

ETA: Never, ever go into Target and expect to walk out again without spending more money. Jammies on sale. Unbreakable water bottles on sale. And I new clothes hamper with cool strap so I can haul my clothes to the laundy room across the street. Don't ask.

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