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You Might Want To Cancel That WKRP in Cincinnati Order

Sorry for disappearing off everyone's radar this week. I got whammed with the flu pretty hard and couldn't even sit upright for extended periods of time until yesterday.

I know I've missed a ton (news-wise, life-wise, blood-pressure-raising-wise), but this little nugget came across my view before I got sick. I meant to post it but...well, the flu waits for no woman.

If you've ordered WKRP in Cincinnati, you may want to cancel your order. It appears that not only has all of the music been replaced, the episodes on the DVD have been butchered even worse than the versions used in the 1990 syndication packages to cover up for the loss of all that music.

Scroll down the Amazon product page and check out the number of customers who've canceled their orders in the wake of the news.

The proprietor of Against Monopoly, who claims to have worked for MTM and on the syndication package for WKRP explains that there's a good chance that the original as-aired series may not even officially exist at this point. (He originally wrote about the legal issues and problems in blog entry 2 years ago.)

Jaime Weinman over at Something Old, Something New received an advanced copy of the First Season DVD and has detailed the artistic butchery that makes the "official DVD release" an even lesser product than the WKRP in Cincinnati episodes you may have taped in the 1990s with your VCR. (If you're interested in seeing how the 1990 syndicated version butchered the original version, this page has the details.)

It appears that bootleg DVDs of WKRP in Cincinnati are about to get one hell of a sales boost.

At any rate, I've canceled my order with Amazon, primarily because if I'm going to be buying a television show on DVD, I want the whole damn thing. As aired. After all, that's what I'm paying for.

I can understand if some of the music had to be replaced, but the press release said era-appropriate music would be used if the rights to the originals couldn't be purchased. Nothing about ripping apart the actual show material on top of it.

I think this is called false advertising, right?
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