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Cool Meme: Your Musical Quilt from Last.FM

Actually gakked from, well, me!

Caveat: You have to be a LastFM member to actually do this. (Sign-up is free, by the way). They're similar to Pandora, but because they're based in the U.K., U.S. law doesn't apply for streaming.

To get your musical quilt from LastFM, do the following:

  • Go to Last FM Quilts.
  • If you've got Firefox, you may have to tell it to allow JavaScript from the site.
  • Use the radial buttons to customize your musical quilt (you can choose artists or album covers, alter size and orientation of the quilt, and change colors).
  • While your quilt is doing its thing, mouse over it and check out what pops up!

So, as a test of LJ's brand new embedding tool, I offer you my LastFM musical quilt under the LJ cut.

And, oooh! Check it out! The new embed tool allows me to embed my personal LastFM station right in a Journal entry. Check. It Out.

Tags: last fm: admin, last fm: toys, web: music

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