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My Remix Story

Unh, well, when I say "my" remix story, I don't mean the one I wrote. I'm not going to make anyone guess, either, because...well there's a good reason for it and I can't tell you why because that might give away which one is mine.


My remixer did a fabulous job with my original, which was a misguided attempt at trying my hand at minimalism. He/she hung muscle and flesh on them thar bones and came up with a very sweet little B/X story. It appears that I lucked out again this year.

The only thing that confused me was the link went to the original, half-destroyed version on Fanfiction.Net (Thanks to all those Pit of Voles updates, a lot of the formating got stripped away.) That's when I realized that I never unhid the version I transfered to LJ and I never linked to the shiny formatted version in my "all my fics" post.

I am a dumbkoff! Deeeeeeerrrrr, Liz! Way to go!

Anyway, here's my original (shiny new LJ version!) Two Words, in which Buffy has an early morning conversation with Xander, but you only see her half of the conversation. Xander not only doesn't speak, you don't see him at all! Wheeee! An experiment in writing!

And here's Wake Up Slow (Second Time Around Remix), wherein it's an actual, full story! Now complete with a Xander! And Xander's half of the conversation! And Xander thoughts, even!


Once more, a remix that's bigger and better than the original, folks. Go give the remixer some big love for working with a really minimalist piece of fluff and giving it some sweet legs.
Tags: character: buffy, character: xander, fanfiction: 2003, fanfiction: 2007, fanfiction: buffy the vampire slayer, fanfiction: fic-a-thon, fanfiction: pimp, fanfiction: two words

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