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I Need to Stay Away from Fat Wreck Chords' Website

Oh, my. Guess who found another Punk sampler on the Fat Wreck Chords Website?

Look, I've spent money on their artists. So I have no guilt. None. Really.

Anyway, it appears there's something called the Fat Wreck Chords Christmas Bonus.

No, no. It's not a playlist of Christmas songs rendered in the key of punk. It's just the company offering a 15-track e-mix tape from their various acts. Most of the songs are rarities and unreleased tunes, so it's worth checking out.

Artists included on the mix: Me First and the Gimme Gimmes (covering Arlo Guthrie!), Against Me! (with an acoustic release), NOFX (previously unreleased track), and Lagwagon (live track).

I'm liking what I'm hearing so far, so definitely check it out.

Don't forget that Fat Wreck Chords also put out a 14-song 2006 e-mix tape sampler, iFloyd. I can say that the mix pleases me, so if you like punk, be sure to smash and grab it.

Also, don't forget that Fat Wreck Chords offers free and legal downloads so you can sample all the bands on their roster, on the MP3 page. I have to say, most of the tunes I downloaded from this page were fantastic.

But then again, Fat Wreck Chords tends to put out some really good mixes. I have both Rock Against Bush CDs and I've overplayed both of them quite a lot.
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