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Me? Busy? You don't say....

So, I just realized that I've, like, posted nothing this week. I've been busy with all these stupid RL things so nothing ficc-y related has been done.

Probably because I'm heading to writercon on THURSDAY! EEeeeeeeeee! Much following up to make sure all my reservations are set.

The most interesting part will be getting out of Boston, or rather, getting to the airport since it'll be in the middle of the Democratic National Convention. I'll be leaving at 5 a.m. via airport shuttle and arriving *fingers crossed* in Vegas early afternoon on Thursday.

Hey, dlgood, you going to the DNC?

My co-workers are already dreading the insane security measures that will be dumped on our heads come this weekend. Trains are being re-routed, swarths of highways (not just a lane here and there) are being shut down....the traffic will probably be so bad that most people are simply not coming into work...they're working from home or taking their vacations.

For you Massachusetts people, if you want to take a look at how bad is bad, you might want to check out Boston 2004. A more easy-to-read list can be found here.

According to the site, I-93 is going to be the hardest hit because it runs something like three feet away from the walls of the Fleet Center (the former "Bahstin Gahdin" for you locals) where the convention is taking place. We're talking mass chaos on I-93 from the Braintree split in the south to Route 60 in the north. The highway is going to (partially) open and then slam shut before (partially) reopening again (and slamming shut, and gt the idea) faster than elevator doors.

Route 1-95/128 is going to be a mess. The backroads I use to get to work are going to be insane (they already were this morning). God help us all in Boston...this is worse than 4th of July in these parts; this is worse than Salem at Halloween.

On a happier note, that RL issue that's been tying me up? My shiny new AlphaSmart Dana. I've finally figured out how to sync it up with my computer and...WOW WOW WOW. Plus I've been playing with all the stuff on it. I really like the feature where I can "flip the screen" and read what I wrote as if it were a newspaper column. I've got serious love for this thing already and I've only been playing with it in the past day or two.

*happy, happy, joy, joy* For some bizarre reason? I'm totally enjoying the fact that I can curl up on the couch and tip-y tap on this thing. I'm writing a small test piece to see how the syncing works (a snippet I can't get out of my head.) Already I can see that formatting stays preserved between AlphaWord (comes with it) and Microsoft Word.

Man, this is making me sniffy for the TRS-80 (the beloved TRASH-80 from my newspaperin' days). It's so much like it that it's scary.

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