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On Television Tonight: Frontline/American Experience on The Mormons

I know that there are a few people on my FList who are interested in the subject matter, so this is me giving the heads up.

PBS's FRONTLINE and The American Experience have teamed up to co-produce a four-hour, two-part documentary on The Mormons.

Check your local PBS station for the schedule.

For people outside the U.S., or people who won't get to record the documentary, given that this is PBS, I suspect that after broadcast you'll probably be able to watching streaming video of both episodes online.

Interestingly enough, both FRONTLINE and The American Experience are produced by WGBH in Boston, which makes me suspect that the unstated impetuous for the blow-out of a documentary may have been sparked by our ex-governor Mitt Romney's run for president.

ETA: Also, for those people who want to see Bill Moyers's Friday interview with John Stewart, the online streaming video can be viewed here.
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