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Fic Pimp: Angel, Spike, Illyra, Nina, and a...puppy?!?

lettered on a prompt from jgracio (you evil person you) has written a fantastic post-Never Fade Away story called Man's Best Friend.

There are no words for how awesome this WiP is (there's two parts so far...long parts). It's all about Angel, Spike, and Illyria rebuilding their lives with the help of Nina. Gwen makes an appearance, as does David Nabbit. Gunn hovers in the background like a shadow, and the loss of their old lives blankets all the characters. The story swings from "three years before" to "three years ahead," juxtaposing then and now to bring out the subtle shadings of all the characters and their journey.

Go. Feed the author. And enjoy a pleasant way to while away a Sunday afternoon when the allergies are killing you.
Tags: fanfiction: pimp

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