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The LJ Rumor Post is Now Public

This is what I get for trying to deal with a bunch of complicated messages flying back and forth while I'm at work.

I've decided that since I can't independently confirm a damn thing, it's open to the public. And it's staying open to the public. Period.

Here's the LJ Rumor Post that was public, was made private just as a precaution, and is now public again. If you've seen certain users, RPG journals, or fanfic groups suddenly getting suspended out of the blue, this post should explain everything.

I'm sorry for causing anyone any grief or concern, but it seemed that things were see-sawing back and forth since it got posted. I opted to be cautious. I dropped a few people some private information as different bits of information came in.

Furthermore I may have raised concerns and got people nervous before properly getting the whole story. For that I apologize.

I would like to thank a Certain Someone (who will remain anonymous) for giving me a dose of common sense when I was ready to tear my hair out. (I owe you a drink, chica!)

If you want to comment about the issue, please comment on the LJ Rumor Post. Comments are closed on this post.

I've also locked down the previous post announcing that I've locked down the LJ Rumor Post since there's no point in it staying public now that I've resolved the issue to my own satisfaction.
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