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ALERT: WFI Site May Infect Your Computer (Programs to Combat Spyware)

Continued from the following posts: About that LJ Rumor..., Another Exchange of Emails, A Swiftly Tilting LJ..., and LJ User Action Centers

via _sirius_denial and innocence_jihad:

Some computers have allegedly become seriously infected with spyware if you surf over to "Warriors for Innocence" (deliberately not linked).
Some people have been reporting that they were invaded with spyware right after visiting the site.

I personally haven't experienced any invasions on any computer I use, but  since I had a feeling WFI was using something to track IP addresses, I did the following:
  • Installed the AdBlock Plus extension (Firefox only), which is a more  muscular version of the AdBlock extension. Please note that AdBlock and AdBlock  Plus are free.
  • Made sure my the NoScript extension (Firefox only), was up to date. Please note that NoScript is free.
  • I run Ad-Aware SE every time I ding the site (This may be why I haven't had too many problems — I've been nailing a couple of bugs each time I do). Ad-Aware SE is free and powerful.
  • Before shutting down for the night, run the following programs to make sure you're covered:
Yes, I know the above list sounds paranoid, but given the reports that are just coming in, my paranoia appears to have paid off.

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