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Excuse me...on what planet can Futurama be confused with Kitchen Confidential?

Dear Netflix,

Plz, plz, plz send me Futurama, Season 1, Disc 3. I have tried two times to get this disc from you, only to get...something that's completely different.

The first mishap occurred when you sent me Futurama, Season 2, Disc 3. Okay, at least it's in the same family, even if it's from a different season. I have now watched Futurama out of order because I didn't realize this disc was from Season 2 until I started listening to the commentary.

Anyway, I sent you back the disc and managed to get Futurama, Season 1, Disc 3 lined up in my que so I could get it in my hot little hands.

Yesterday I got instead....Kitchen Confidential, Disc 1 packaged in a Futurama, Season 1, Disc 3.


Some hapless Netflix patron mixing up Futuramas I can see. But how on earth would a Kitchen Confidential disc end up in a Futurama envelope?

Is there something in the universe that has decided that I'm not allowed to see Futurama, Season 1, Disc 3?

[Side note: I, unh, did end up watching Kitchen Confidential, Disc 1...yes, the whole disc. In all honesty, the series was seriously uneven until 'The Robbery' which was something like episode 7 on the disc. I suspect that a lot of the reason — please Bradley Cooper fans don't kill me — was because they were deemphasizing Cooper as the lead and were slowly turning the show into more of an workplace ensemble. Why they thought Cooper could pull off someone like Bourdain is a mystery for the ages.]

In any case, I am now returning Kitchen Confidential, Disc 1 (fully-watched...within one day of receiving it).

I really, really would like Futurama, Season 1, Disc 3 now. (Fine. And Kitchen Confidential, Disc 2 while we're at it since I might as well finish the darn thing...)

Now give me the disc I ordered. Please.

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