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Proof that I am an artiste...

Gakked from nwhepcat, who finds the coolest toys:

Five future papers on Living History (by moi) courtesy of The Amazing, Incredible, Only-Slightly-Laughable, Politically Unassailable PoMo English Title Generator:

  1. The Contested Interrogating The Other: Lizbeth Marcs, Living History and Essentialism
  2. Historicism and Authority in Living History: Lizbeth Marcs Penetrating Progenitive Corporeality
  3. Nationalizing Technologies: Ephemeral Religion in Lizbeth Marcs's Living History
  4. The Problematic Smuggling The Alien: Lizbeth Marcs, Living History and Bodies
  5. Initiation as Discourse: Defamiliarizing Peripheral Textuality in Lizbeth Marcs's Living History
Tags: el jay: meme

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