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'Tis the Season...for WaterFire

I have mentioned how much I adore WaterFire Providence and the fact I miss living in Rhode Island, right?

'Tis the season, the season to be reminded, thanks to this picture right here of of the river torches in front of the Rhode Island School of Design in Providence.

Photo by Barnaby Evans on the WaterFire Providence Web site

For several nights a year, WaterFire provides a place in both the mind and in the city for the people of Providence to renew both their connection to the city they love and their connections to each other. Here everyone experiences something slightly different, of course, which is one of the great unscripted beauties of public art. Some come away remembering primarily the smell of wood-smoke, while others will recall the magical spectacle of fires reflecting on both water and the windows of high-rise office buildings nearby. For some, the kinesthetic aura of music wafting with smoke and light makes them see WaterFire even with their eyes closed. For others, it is the carnivalesque atmosphere itself that comes to mind afterwards. For me, one of the most amazing effects of WaterFire is its after-image in the mind’s eye the next day, the way its sights and sound reverberate within us and upon the rivers even as its last ember drops steaming into the water. James E. Young, author of At Memory’s Edge

If anyone is interested in the WaterFire Providence Schedule for the 2007 Season, visit the WaterFire Providence Web site.
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