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Something You May Need to Know About GreatestJournal...

A word of warning those of you who are using GreatestJournal as an LJ back-up:

If you transfer your image files to GJPix, and if you do not own them outright (i.e., a photo you personally took or art work you personally created), the image will be removed without warning.

They do not split hairs for things like fair use, or even linking back to the source Web site and crediting the photographer/artist.

I found this out after a running battle of trying to keep this image by Jo Chen up in a post.

I initially thought it was a glitch, but it was taken down a second time within 24 hours, along with this image of WaterFire Providence and these two images of the bodies of Nathaniel Hawthorne's wife and daughter being re-interred in Concord, Mass.

Since I've had the Nathaniel Hawthorne photos up on GJPix for almost a year...well, I was shocked they when they were suddenly pulled down without warning.

I'm doubly surprised they were pulled down, since I linked back to the sources of the photos in the WaterFire Providence and Nathaniel Hawthorne posts, and credited the photographer in the metadata over on GJPix and in the posts themselves. (The Jo Chen piece is in admittedly in a grey area since I didn't link back to the source site or credit her by name.)

And by the way, if you actually credit the source of the images, they'll pull down those images just that much faster, as I just discovered.

End result? I lost everything I've uploaded to GJPix. And as a repeat offender, I'm pretty sure my account is now red-flagged.

So, if you're using GJPix, do yourself a beeeeeeg favor. Don't use it. Instead, use Photobucket, Picsa, or even LJ's ScrapBook to get around the problem.

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