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I'm afflutter...

Floating all day on the good vibes as a result of my evol C-Span watching ways.

Screw the fucking networks people. C-Span is the only way to go, unless you just want just the highlights. In that case, stick with PBS or NPR. I've heard that CNN, MSNBC, FoxNews, and the sundry broadcast networks sucked donkeyballs in covering the opening night.

Some random thots:

  • Getting dissed by Carter is kinda like being called a fucknut by Gandhi, I'd imagine. I love how Southerners can sound so wonderfully polite and reasonable while ripping someone a new asshole. It's a talent I admire because it utterly eludes my grasp as a conversational art form.

  • Truthfully, I love Carter as a crotchety old bat. I love how he was dead on all along about foreign oil. Looking back, he was right about a lot of things. It's sad: We had a great man in the White House and we didn't appreciate him when we had him.

  • Oh, and Jimmy? HIT HIM AGAIN! I'll even hold your coat for you.

  • Course, not that Dubbya gives a shit about what Carter (IMHO, an actual, honest-to-God-praise-Jesus example of Christianity-in-action man) thinks or the Dems.

  • There's something Evol Genius in Carter making the hardest verbal hits against Dubbya, who's actively and cynically courting the religious vote.

  • I've been seeing lots of FLove for Gore's speech. I appreciated his humor (having seen him do a stump speech or two back in my bad ol' reporter days...I admit to rather liking the dude), but frankly, Carter and Clinton kicked his ass in the oration department.

  • I've also seen Clinton give a speech live (at the height of Whitewater, no New a "town meeting" with the local citizens...) and honestly, he was seriously off his game that night, so I wasn't impressed with his oration skills.

  • I knew the Devil had a Silver Tongue, but to see Silver Tongue itself at work...

  • Clinton's speech was masterful. He painted himself as one of Bush's "base" (top 1% of earners), thereby defusing the "us" vs. "them" argument. In fact, I noticed Clinton doing a lot of arguing for the opposition before carefully blowing it up. An excellent dialog or setting up pins and then knocking them down.

  • Is it me, or does the Democrats' "inclusivity" message sound a hell of a lot like the Republican Party's "big tent" message from a ways back?

All in all, the DNC is making me hyper to see the RNC next month.

And I just realized:

*sooooob* I'll be at writercon on Thursday and I wanna hear at least Kerry speak.*soooooob*

Oh, really important:

The Real Fun Happens Tonight!

In this cornaaaahhhhhhh, Michael Mooooooooooooore!

In this cornaaaahhhhhhh, Bill Ooooooooooo'Reilly!


8 PM!!!!!

*skips up and down in joy*

Reports from the Fleet Center indicate that at one point O'Reilly and Moore were on the floor of the convention center, red-faced, and screaming about what a lying liar the other one was.

*imagine Druscilla-like clapping*

You know? I'm partisan. I want Moore to win. But a knife fight like this? I don't care who wins, I just wanna see blood on the floor.....

On more mundane matters, the area around Boston is eerily quiet. The bad traffic is not happening anywhere. In fact, I don't think I've ever seen Boston and the surrounding area this empty or traffic-free.

Last night, I hoped on the MassPike Westbound to get home at 6 p.m. I could've shot a cannon down the road and not have hit any cars.

Now, true, the big help is that traffic on the Pike is restricted through Boston, which means a reduced flow of cars heading west out of the city. But the really scary part is that EASTBOUND was nearly deserted as well, and that's the part of the Pike that's restricted.

Not that anyone is complaining. We're all grateful.

But it is eerie to see a non-gridlocked Boston.

Someone said they read in the Boston Globe or Boston Herald that approximately 70% of the Boston workforce opted to take their vacation this week. I belive it.

Heeeeeey: My fellow Massachusittes! (Massachusetters? Massachusettains?) I've got a quick question for you: My Dad and I were debating the other day about a specific sign the MassPike used to have:

The Pilgrim's Hat with the Arrow Through It (It's now just a Pilgrim's Hat).

Anyway, there is (to my knowledge) ONE MassPike sign that still has the old design. I know it's near one of the Western Tolls. I want to say it's around Pittsfield or the connector to the New York Thruway, but I'm not sure. Anyone know the answer? I can't seem to find it and my Dad doesn't remember where it is.

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