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cubed_music is Almost Ready for Primetime

After some long and hard deliberation, I decided to go ahead and finish building the cubed_music community and host it on LiveJournal. And believe me, I thought long and hard about hosting it on InsaneJournal instead.

However, since most of the people who've expressed interest in it are on LiveJournal, I decided to put it here.

I may consider creating a shadow community on InsaneJournal at some future date, depending on the amount of traffic the comm gets and whether I can bring aboard additional moderators to help me deal with two communities.

Please note that the security setting for cubed_music is FRIENDS ONLY, which means you'll have to have a LiveJournal account to join and view the automatically locked posts.

I've also set the community to be a Basic Account, which means no one should be subjected to ads.

Also, please note that cubed_music is not live yet, so please don't attempt to join the community until I throw open the doors. If you attempt to join now, I guarantee that your request is going to get lost. I get a lot of traffic around here and it happens easier than you think.

While I'm getting things into shape, please the community FAQ, and then comment back here to let me know what you think.

If you want to view the community's page, go here.

Thanks for your patience and help.

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