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cubed_music is now Live and On the Air

Thanks for the feedback on the request everyone!

I'm officially throwing open the doors for cubed_music, aka, Music from the Cube.

Please be sure that you read the FAQ before you sign up.

Everyone who joins will have posting access so they can upload their own CD reviews. Thus far, I've already approved two members idhren24 and h4nselel who should be able to see the locked posts as well as post their own reviews.

There's already a post there (by moi) that covers Randy Newman and the Squirrel Nut Zippers. You know you're in if you can see the post.

Please note: I've set the security settings to FRIENDS ONLY, which means that the posts are automatically locked down. I don't know if watching the community alone will allow you to see the posts or comment. You may have to join in order to see the contents of the journal.

So...I guess that's it. cubed_music is officially taking off as of 8 p.m. EST.

ETA: Before I forget, cubed_music has a LastFM community. In essence, the communities over on LastFM allow all the members to "pool" their playlist to create a radio station.

As of 9:45 p.m. EST, the cubed_music radio station went live (thanks sunfell for the assist in joining!). If more than 15 people join, the community will get its own music charts.

Membership on the LastFM community is open all LastFM members.

The community radio station is public, which means that anyone (both members and non-members of LastFM) can tune in for a listen.

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