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Gimme back my friends' page LJ!

LJ is being dick-ish again.

The armed monkeys insist that the servers are "fine."

The fact that I can't load my friends' page at all says otherwise. And before you ask, yes, I've cleared the cache in hopes that it would fix it. Fuhgedaboutit!

I can navigate directly to a user, though. There's grumblings in some of my communities that people have been getting error messages all morning/all day (depending on where in the world you're located...)

Oh, look! When I go over to the support page to open a ticket, I can see that it appears I'm not the only one having trouble with LJ today. A whole bunch of people are getting errors sprung on them whenever they try to do anything from look at their own journal to post something.


This is the third time LJ's apparently had "technical difficulties" on a massive scale in one single month.

LJ, when the servers are more robust over on JournalFen, I think that's a sign that you are made of fail!

I swear, the more dodgey LJ gets, the more ecstatic I am that I've planted my flag at InsaneJournal.
Tags: el jay: annoyance

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