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I've Got a Novel Idea...Don't Write Him


See the above? That's me cheering about the huge bite I've taken out of my lynnevitational fic over the past few days.


The title, by the way, is a private joke. It's so private, that only I know what it means. My betas surely know whereof I speak.

Yes, I'm half way through a beer. Sam Adams Summer Ale, in fact.


Soon my self-imposed exile from posting any and all fanfic will be over.

Plus, I've figured out how to deal with Semagic. Don't ask me why, but the stupid thing has taken me forever to figure out and I can generally figure out things pretty quickly.

If I've figured out Semagic correctly, the days of me looking at a 25-page monster of a part going, "Hmmm, I don't have the bazillion hours to spare tonight to format the stupid thing. Maybe tomorrow..." will be over.

And...gah! Suddenly Andrew's final story in Behold Little Padawan is mega lame in my eyes. Must fix. Must fix after I finish the lynnevitational. Then it's on to finishing Facing the Heart in Darkness.

And then...and then...and then...

Gah! Must. Get. Back. To. lynnevitational. Story.

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