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How do I hate LJ? Let me count the ways. I had this very, very, very, very, very long post about the joys of writercon and all the fabulicious people I met there.

And then it happens.

LJ eats my long, well thought-out post about writercon.


Please excuse the sound of weeping. No. Really. I'll be fine. Just after I slit my wrists.

Overall, I had a lot of fun. Mostly I stuck to the mechanical writing/publishing track as opposed to the philosophy track. It was a treat to see Jane Espenson in not just one, but TWO Q&As. How do I love her? Let me count the ways. There was the first Q&A which was more general where attendees could throw any question they wanted at her. Then there was the second Q&A where she was part of a panel on how to make the leap from fanfiction to original fiction (aka, how to get published).

Special thanks to the ConCom for getting her. She's written some of my favorite episodes, so it was oodles of fun for me.

I also met a boatload of people. Please don't be offended if I don't mention you (whimper) since my earlier long post was eaten....

First up: Major props to the ConCom for running a seamless con. If there were problems, I sure didn't see it. What few issues there were with the Imperial Palace (namely, the positively fucked-up layout of the hotel that had you dashing through the casino to get from the hotel wing, to the conference rooms, to the places where food was as well as some amount of booking screw-ups on the part of the hotel) were completely out of their control. I never saw anyone on the ConCom act anything less than professional and courteous to all attendees.

So, round of applause guys!

One key thing I learned: Deserts, me, and alcohol are not mix-y things. One drink and I was snockered. Now, I'm not a huge drinker as it is (maybe two or three a MONTH), but I had a drink three out of the four nights I was there and I would go *down.*

Another key thing I learned: After stumbling from the DeadDog party during the "Once More With Feeling" sing-a-long on the last night to pack my suitcase and get some sleep so I could face a 5 a.m. wake-up call to get to the airport, do not ever, ever, ever, ever turn on the AlphaSmart. I ended up writing three hours instead of packing my crap up and getting sleep.

At some point during the con, I did want to begin a chant for the het Xander-centric writers:

"We're here!
We don't write queer! (sorry!)
We'll be over there! (pointing finger to corner)"

Heh. Sorry. It was funny at the time.

Special thanks to ponders_life, who spent a lot of time reminding me to "Listen to my body" when I was on the verge of overtired. She was definitely sensible and sane (along with her loverly significant other), while I was more apt to be an idiot of the first degree.

I engaged in just a little fangurl squeeing when I met veggiebelle, who writes one of my favorite Xanders in fanfiction, and co-conspirator airawyn, both of whom are now engaged in writing Heroes, which ranks up there in the "Why aren't you reading this?" list.

I got to hang with them and catch the new and improved "Pirate Battle" at Treasure Island. Three cheers for the MST3King! I'm pretty sure that I'll be quoting "Do ya wanna get salty!" for many years to come (or is that cum? not sure).

I also met the fabulous autobadgirl and the very kewl nwhepcat and got lunch with both of them during the very busy four days I was there. Plus, nwhepcat made me Drabble in her workshop! Me! The drabble not so good, but I drabbled with 100 words straight-up.

Also in the same group, I finally met nyc_herself, who so agreed with me that Vegas and the Imperial Palace was not a so great place. The ConCom is already looking for alternative cities (YAY!), so we both were applauding when we heard that.

Then there was the sharp and funny bastardsnow, a fellow member of the "we're evil" contingent on the XanderZone. He was hanging with Rob Sorenson, who will hopefully be adding his stories to the Xander-centric I Need A Parrot Website.

I can't forget Alix Aadler, whose "Backstage" series is a fun addition to the fanfictional Buffy-verse. A funny story: After I started writing Living History, I found out about his "Whisper of a Moment," which featured, you guessed it, Xander dealing with a time traveler from the future. After suffering a small heart-attack, I e-mailed him and told him that I had no idea he'd written his story. He graciously e-mailed me back and said he was already aware of "Living History," but that my take was so different that he knew I wasn't cribbing from him. (wipes brow) BtW, "Whisper of a Moment" is a good story and I highly recommend it as a read.

Also met honorh of OBAFU fame. Yes, she is evil, but only a little. *grins* I had lots of fun comparing the flora and fauna of Alaska vs. Massachusetts.

Also *huggles* to nikitangel. We didn't get a lot of hang time, but it's always kwel to see her in her fannish glory.

I know I'm leaving a billion people out, so I apologize since I'm basically re-writing this from memory. I had all these kewl links and a long list of names...*sob, sob*

But just a few final happy moments:

To everyone who braved the "Write Yourself Out of This Genius!" panel on plotting that I lead during the Writer's Salon: thank you very much for signing up and having fun. I was pretty much useless as anything more than a cheerleader. Everyone else had fantastic ideas and graciously lent support and a plotting hand to their fellow writers. I stand in awe of your talents and your graciousness. I can't wait to read some of the fic that results from the brainstorming.

To everyone who attended the Writer's Block Panel where I was one of three at the table: You all rock! I was shocked beyond belief so many people showed up. Once again, I pretty much did nothing but applaud since you all did more to help each other than any of us up there could've. Plus, some of the Challenges in a Can? I liked those.

And finally, getting a Xander-centric writer to give a dramatic reading of intentional Spuffy badfic "TI"? A dramatic reading that was good enough to get people to pay $4 to make me stop reading? (If I do say so myself...*grins*), you know it was a mind-bending con all around.

Overall, I had tons of fun meeting people and look forward to seeing you around LJ!

On another note: I have the next part of "Living History" ready to go. Special thanks to hpchick for pointing out my "Disappearing Giles" on my test list. YIIIIIIIKKKKEEEEEE! I can't believe that stupid continuity glitch. I'll be a-fixin' that before I post it here.

Plus, I just threw something evil at Xander and Faith in a little later bit that smacked me in the mouth while writing on the plane ride back from Vegas. Nothing big, just a bit of information that they're forced to sit on until (or if) Catherine and Friends bugger off back to the future.

I hate to say it: The information they manage to con out of Charlie makes an evil sort of sense...

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