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RL crap; feeling like teh crap; and El-Jay kicks its user base again...

Things have been a bit...fubared with my RL.

Again, nothing bad, just a series of minor unfortunate events.

The previous two nights had me running around to get regular crap done and unable to hit the computer for any reason at all. Then I started feeling like a serious case of under the weather last night. I'm being propped up at work thanks to Tylenol and water right now. Me feels teh Crap.

And I totally spaced on Harry Potter coming out until Amazon pinged me the other day with an email that it's coming this weekend. I'm not going to be diving right into the book. I'm waiting until after I'm done re-reading the first six books (I'm only up to Goblet of Fire right now). I've waited almost 10 years for this series to end, so I'm going to end it in my own way, damn it!

Oh, and by the way, I don't care about spoilers (I'm already spoiled for quite a bit), so I'm not doing anything special at all vis a vis the Internet. But I'd appreciate it if people refrained from spoiling people in comments on this LJ, especially since I don't have the energy to hide-freeze-delete any spoilers (because...y'know, feeling like teh crap).

Since I figure the Internet is going to be a ghost town due to Potter-mania until at least Sunday night, I'll re-start posting Last Tin Soldier on Monday. Hopefully, I'll feel less like teh crap by then.


And...Jesus Christ on a Pogo Stick El-Jay. What the fuck?

Maybe it's because I feel like teh crap, but does any of that clear up anything? How many times can you possibly explain something and still be as clear as mud? I have a very simple solution to all of this: Tell us what your Abuse Team guidelines are. You know...the list of rules the LJ Abuse Team operates under? I assume they exist, right? Or am I hoping too much?

And is it me? Or is the LJ's timing somewhat suspect? The Great LJ Strikeout of 2007 was just before Memorial Day in the U.S. when most of the U.S. user base was off-line. This "clarification" of their policies which raises a fuckload more questions than get answers is released during a time when a significant portion of fandom (and not just hard-core Harry Potter fans) have voluntarily stopped Web surfacing.

Thanks that make you go "Hmmmmm...."

Look, for people who are really thinking this is last-straw time, seriously consider moving over to InsaneJournal where the ToS is pretty simple and clear-cut, and the cost is: $10 for 6 months, $20 for 1 year; $40 for a permanent. Seriously. This is the best of the alternatives I've been using so far and I really do heartily recommend it. Its user interface and compatibility with posting clients is on par with El-Jay, and it's policies are a hell of a lot better for end-users.

Besides, at least InsaneJournal is somewhat active. GreatestJournal is a ghost town, pretty much (and for good reason...Gee-Jay's policies and occasional "housecleaning" actions don't make a whole lot of sense).

'Scuse me. I have to go know. Because, I think I just used that spike of outrage to fuel this post and am feeling even more teh crap then when I started writing this.

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