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Yes, I'm spamming you...Origin of the Smiley Face

Now that the tides of wank are receding from my corner of LJ, a little fun factoid.

The smiley face as we know it was invented in Worcester, Massachusetts. I knew this years ago, of course, because Mommy Marcs actually worked with Harvey Ball (Or is that worked in the same company? In either case, she knew him slightly. I think.)

That concludes the historical trivia portion of our program.

[Thankfully I was fully unaware of the wank through most of it due to heatwave kicking me in the brainpan. Can someone please explain to me how miscegenation is not racist? And then making it a sexual kink? In the same tagline as bestiality? What the fuck people? I just read the word and my jaw droppeth. I didn't even have to look it up because, dude, I know my history. I'll be in the corner weeping over the lack of history education in U.S. schools.]


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