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Watch LJ Repeat Its Mistakes....

Hey! Remember when the whole Great LJ Strikeout of 2007 started when pornish_pixies temporarily went down the memory hole?

Guess who just got served...again?

This time, LJAbuse decided to give 'em a little warning instead of just suspending the whole she-bang. There's a very definite "this is your final warning" feel to the abuse notice.

This is an update to my earlier post And So It Begins...Again. (The new 6A/LJ journal deletions), which has links to other round-up posts, as well as an outline of various options for preserving your content in other media and journaling sites.

I'm shutting off comments to this particular entry. Comments and links are, of course, welcome on the And So It Begins...Again. (The new 6A/LJ journal deletions) that's immediately before this one.

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