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If You're Looking for Inspiration

This morning posted an announcement that I had set up some syndicated feeds of LiveJournal communities for InsaneJournal members.

However, I think it's only fair to give people here a heads-up about these potentially fiction-inspiring comms that focus on abandoned and dilapidated places from around the world (and around your neighborhood).

See, I'm all about bringing the inspiration (the creepier the inspiration, the better).

Please note that all of these comms are very image-heavy and that LJ the cuts do not always spare the Flist

If you choose to watch these comms, you might want to create a special filter for them:

This is exactly what it sounds like. Photographs of any and all abandoned places regardless of environment or subject.

This one features photos of junked machinery, be it abandoned and decaying military equipment, or that junk car by the side of the road artfully hidden by tall grass.

Like those creepy, overgrown, abandoned cemeteries? How about crypts and headstones that have seen better days? Well, then, this is the feed that's totally for you.

The purpose of this community is not just to record slowly dying small towns and villages, but also towns that are fighting back and hanging in there for a new revival.

This community is all about photographs of abandoned spaces and places in a rural environment.

This community hosts photographs of abandoned spaces and places in an urban environment.

Also please note, if you're on InsaneJournal and prefer to do most of your FList reading there, I've already created the syndicated feeds on InsaneJournal that you can join.

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